[thim-heading title=”Who We Are” title_uppercase=”” sub_heading=”TKC Africa is uniquely positioned to comprehend our global clients while being able to understand the local context and support in navigating the terrain. Its directors have decades of experience from working in the US, China, parts Europe and across of Africa. Applying the right information with stellar execution enables companies to maximise their opportunities in Africa.

“Knowledge is the currency of the future”
Hannah Bertilla Acquah” clone_title=”” line=”” text_align=”text-center”]

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“Knowledge Is The Currency Of The Future.”

Hannah Bertilla Acquah, Founder

What we do

TKC Africa operates on 5 main pillars of areas of expertise. These lie in:

  • Strategy & Operational Consulting
  • Access to market
  • Local Representatives
  • Capacity Building
  • Talent Acquisition

With registered offices in Accra and Nigeria, TKC Africa and our trusted global partner network are able to cater for your needs across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Giving Back

Beyond structuring deals and supporting corporates operate across Africa we believe the best way to create a better Africa is to invest in its human capital. Therefore we engage in capacity building and recruitment drives for top MBA candidates

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