Finding the Courage to Confess

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Finding the Courage to Confess

Artistry, glistering in our fashion, in our cooking and catering, the way we tell our stories, even our language and our ways of interaction have high essence of pure arts, our very soul. It is what we all do, we all know how this works and we experience it every day; how is it that, now, that one wants to build a whole career out of it? They teach it in schools, centers of higher education, titled beautiful names. How is it that one will go through toils of “studenthood”, dragging parents along the waves of emotions and the struggles that come with financing education _emotions of sending naïve teenage children off to boarding schools in some far away town along with working hard to cater for children far and home.

“The conventional career paths are available, a wide variety from which you could choose: banking, law, health, engineering and architecture, like your friend Afi did, she’s now a nurse at the community clinic”, Mother will point out. Blind sighted and obviously oblivious to her is the dying need for the artist in you to be nurtured and experienced.

Like the air we breathe, an artist cannot be robbed of freedom to create, to inspire, to learn, to explore and to impart, and be expected to survive. Expressing art becomes the very oxygen the brain depends on, the very essence for every heartbeat. It’s undeniably vital how the artist must not neglect this deafening call to be.

At the Discussion, on Thursday 4th June 2020, Sheila takes us with her through the journey of heading to her call. Finding your bravado may cost you, but it is a cost which is absolutely worth while. After all, that’s what you’re born to be! Dear artist, find your own bravado with us!


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