Testimony of the Survivors’ Recoveries

Details of the meeting:

18:30 – 20:30 GMT
ZOOM MEETING ID: 925 461 6075
PASSWORD: 123456


The truth of the matter, just as it happened and how it is. Testimonies! Recounting the journey and gleaning from it all the lessons, along with partakers of the journey as well as invited guests. It’s one thing to go through the journey and it’s another telling it all. Recalling all that has taken place in a stretch of weeks to even years is not exactly enjoyable as reminiscing sunny days at the beach. This is why the brain may opt out sometimes, choosing the easier route of amnesia. An easier way out, but more often than not, the only way out of unbearable pain.

Like grief, any rough situation hits us in stages. The initial shock stage, quickly followed by the intoxicating denial _ this cannot be happening to me. This is just impossible! Holding on to dear life for the faintest glimmer of the possibility of all that’s happening to be a passing dream. Nature has a purpose for getting us to think of ourselves in that manner, and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about that, yet. That is nature’s way of letting in as much as we may be able to handle at the moment. Then anger sets in, putting us in full rage or however little we may express anger. Then we begin to think of it like this; maybe we could bring our persuasion skills to play and bargain! Shrugging those shoulders that were once high in anger, demanding that something be done about the situation, we acknowledge our limitations and resort to scrape the plate to gather what is left of the matter. The bargaining stage does not last for long as in fact there is nothing to bargain for; then, depression sets in.

At this point we’re at our lowest, sulking to crying, listlessness to lack of appetite, withdrawal to silence, playing back all that has happened and projecting the future in our minds. Importantly, we need to take time and allow ourselves go through it; to not rush through anything, but to be still and take all the time we need, just being cautious to not stay there forever. This phase of depression will fade away to acceptance when the time is right.

After we have come out strong from all that has happened, feeling brand new, having tasted nothing but the bitter roots of desperation and anguish for what seemed like forever, we live differently. The little things are life itself, who labelled them little after all? Love all you can, let go off what you can’t and shouldn’t bare. What’s better, feel the moment, live and share!

Take a deep breath as we walk through the doors of testimonies, adorned with gratitude! We honor the invitation to come share in the recovery stories of our survivors. On Thursday, May 21st 2020, Vanessa together with Dudley her better half, her partner with whom she championed her way through her healing, share their journey. Vanessa, who lives in the UK with Dudley, contracted the coronavirus earlier this year and fought like the heroine that she is. She got off the ECMO machine and the ventilator for her home, leaving her doctors and caregivers utterly stunned! She shares the details as the story unfolds on the Discussion – Thursday.

Life’s for the living, two times for she who gets to live it once again. Live on the Discussion zoom meeting we relive the conquerors’ story. The glad heart shall sing!

Details of the meeting:

21.05.2020 | 18:30 – 20:30 GMT | ZOOM MEETING ID: 925 461 6075 PASSWORD: 123456

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