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      YALI Investor Panel Session – 16 November 2016



Its time to make a difference


"My family is proud of me, my management team are proud of me and most of all I am proud of myself for growing the needed confidence in pitching my business and never giving up no matter how bad it got. TKC Africa made this a dream come through"

Prince Kwame Agbata Co-founder of Coliba


The 3fm investor pitch was an exciting experience for me, summarizing everything we do to pitch it in one minute was challenging and exciting at the same time. What drove me to participate in this competition was the opportunity to showcase what we do to the world and of course, the winning prize (I got my eyes on that). Preparing for this competition has helped me to do a proper business valuation and going forward, I hope it would be a gateway to even greater opportunities for my business.

Adisatu iddrisu Cofounder of LEOMORSUNG which is a growing agribusiness into poultry production and meat processing. For supply of fresh guinea fowls, turkeys, broilers, cockerels, eggs, beef, etc. at affordable prices, contact us on 0554040243

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